Fishing in the west of Paris is great!

Despite a very highly urbanized environment, our region has a fairly dense and high quality river network thanks to riverbanks on the Seine, as well as on water bodies, carried out by the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council and the City of Paris, in close collaboration with our Fishing Association.

It is more than 66 km of riverbanks on the river public domain, open to the fishing of the carp of night, and a total of 13 ponds of 1 to 21 ha that we offer to our "urban" fishermen of all specialties in all its forms : Angling, streetfishing, carp fishing, catfish fishing, urban fly-fishing...

Diversity is also at the rendezvous: we count 32 species of fish in the Seine and 24 on the ponds with, every year, a number of beautiful catches and "exceptional" subjects which, after having made the joy of our fishermen and the traditional photo, return in full form in their element ...

Fishing police, defense of the aquatic environment and the interests of fishermen through rigorous management and quality fish restocking, a permanent animation of our clubs and our fishing school, especially for young people, are the ransom of success of our association always true to its motto: "For the living water !".


Get a fishing licence first !

Get a fishing licence first ! - FISHING 92/75

You can buy a fishing licence for a day, for a week or a year.

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Fishing rules in the river Seine


1. Purchase fishing and aquatic environment fees (Fishing Licence from the AAPPMA 92/75) according to the age of the fisherman or the period of validity of the card.
2. Respect the regulations of fishing.
3. Respect the Environnement and the wild life.


The AAPPMA 92/75 fishing licence, allows fishing in the Hauts-de-Seine and West Paris for all the regulated fishing methods at 4 lines on the open waters of the public domain of river Seine, or on the lakes of the private domain of the Bois de Boulogne and ponds of the parks of the 92, by acquiring in addition the "Ponds stamp".


- Four lines at most, mounted on rods and provided with two hooks at the most.
- They must be placed near the fisherman.
- Fishing is allowed in all regulatory modes (throwing, alive, dead fish, lures ...)
- Six crayfish nets (maximum).


The length of the fish is measured from the tip of the muzzle to the end of the tail:
- Pike ................... 60 cm
- Pike perch: ................ 50 cm
- Black-bass .............. 40 cm
- Brown trout ............. 25 cm
Fish of these captured species measuring less than these lengths must be released alive and in good health. These sizes are intended to allow these species to reproduce at least once and to perpetuate their species. In case of infringement, violators are exposed to a fixed fine (class 2, class 3) of € 150 to € 450.


The number of authorized catches of zander, pike and black bass, per fisherman and per day, is fixed at three predators, including two pike maximum, in compliance with minimum catch sizes.


The fishing can be exercised half an hour before sunrise, until half an hour after sunset, reference official calendar of the Post office increased by one hour according to the time difference summer or winter.
However, by prefectural decree, fishing for night carp is allowed in certain sectors of rivers and water bodies of the 2nd category.


General opening: from January 1st to December 31st.

Specific openings:
- Pike: Closure of pike fishing from the last Sunday of January to the last Friday of April. During the specific prohibition period for fishing for pike, live fishing, dead or artificial fish, soft or hard lures, in short all the means likely to catch this fish in a non-accidental way are prohibited in the waters classified in 2nd category. (Article R. 436-33 of the French Environmental Code).
- Yellow eel: authorized from February 15th to July 15th included (night fishing prohibited all year round). Silver eel (eel) fishing prohibited all year round. Use of the whole eel or piece as prohibited bait. Obligation to declare catches on a catch book (Cerfa 14358-01), any fisher in action fishing shall be able to provide the control officer with his catch book. The non presentation of it is punishable by a fine of 5th class.
- Trout (other than sea trout and rainbow trout): from the 2nd Saturday of March to the 3rd Sunday of September inclusive.
- Crayfish: Open all year for American species (American crayfish and crayfish of Louisiana), fishing at 6 scales maximum.
- Salmon, Sea trout, Silver eel and Aloe: no fishing all year round. Accidental capture of subjects must be followed by a release.


By day or by night, it is forbidden to transport live carp over 60 cm (an offense punishable by a fine of € 22500. Article L.436-16 (5 °) of the Environmental Code). In addition, during the night period, no captured carp can be kept in captivity or transported.


By prefectural order, the consumption of fish from the Seine is prohibited because of the presence of toxic PCBs, the release of fish is mandatory.


Every fisherman must present his fishing card at the request of the AAPPMA 92 & 75 Ouest West fisheries guards, Federal fisheries guards, Agents of the National Forestry Office, the police or the gendarmerie,. Depending on the offense, violators are liable to a fixed fine (class 2, class 3) of € 150 to € 450.



Night fishing on the river is regulated and is allowed only on well defined routes by prefectural :
AREAS SEINE Hauts-de-Seine: Carp fishing authorized throughout the Hauts-de-Seine department of the Pont du Garigliano Pont de Chatou (Only on the banks of the Hauts-de-Seine).
OTHER SECTORS: Contact the Federation on 01 53 14 19 80
- Creteil Lake: on the shore side Recreation area between the island of the Dry River and the island of Roselière. Tent and biwy prohibited.
- Paris: Around the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris (banned biwi).
- Marne: Contact the federation to know the sectors.

According to the provisions of the prefectural decrees relating to carp fishing at any time:
- Live fishing, dead or artificial fish, spoon and other lures is prohibited during the night period defined in article R.436.13 of the French Environment Code.
- Fishing for eels and catfish at night is prohibited.
- No carp caught by line fishermen can be kept in captivity or transported for half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise (Article R. * 436-14 / 5 °). Failure to comply with the requirements relating to the keeping in captivity and transport of carp will be punished by the fine for third-class contraventions. Is punished by a fine of 22500 euros the fact for an amateur fisherman to carry alive the carp of more than 60cm (Article L.436-16 of the Code of the environment).
- Accidental catches of catfish on carp lines should be followed by immediate release. Bonding of the catches formally prohibited.


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